Quick Skincare: My Midweek Pick-Me-Up


Happy Monday! Before we get started, I’d like to note that this is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love the products mentioned below.

I often get asked about my skincare routine, so I felt that this post was right on time. If you’re anything like me though, you’re always on the go and can sometimes fall short in the skincare regimen realm — shame on me I know. So, while I work on being more disciplined (my coined phrase of 2019 lol) I wanted to let you guys in on my new found secret(s). I like to refer to this as my midweek pick-me-up. In just 2 quick and easy steps, achieve even, bright, and glowy skin! You in?


Whenever I notice my face getting dry, flakey, or textured that is an obvious sign of necessary exfoliation. Okay so drama aside, this facial scrub is AH-MAZING. At only $10 and with one use, I see immediate results every time. For such a simple product, you’ll finish feeling like you’ve just gotten a luxury facial. Not to mention all of Acure’s products are vegan and cruelty free. #WINNING


This scrub has a green seaweed-like color that is surprising initially, but the sandy texture is everything. A little goes a long way so a dime size amount is more than enough. Following your daily cleanser, apply the Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub directly to damp skin. Gently scrub using a circular motion targeting your problem areas. I try to focus on my T-zone, along my nostrils, and in the middle of my forehead. Rinse thoroughly with cool water, completely remove the product, and pat dry with a fresh towel.



Did I already say that I see immediate results every time? This product seriously picks my face up off the ground. After every use, my face feels baby soft and noticeably brighter. I also have sensitive skin, which in this case is not a concern. While (if you have fairer skin) your skin may appear slightly red, the product is not dangerously abrasive at all.



This product was released last summer and I have been eyeing it ever since. Now 3 masks in, the Jet Lag Mask is the OG of Summer Fridays’ products.


Before I comment on the actual product, I want to take a moment to highlight the packaging. If you’re anything like me, a product’s packaging can sell you before knowing anything about the product itsself. The Jet Lag Mask comes in a metallic sky blue tin tube that is beyond adorable.


Once you screw off the top, gently squeeze the tube and apply a dime size amount to your fingertips. The mask is a white creamy texture and is visibly hydrating. Apply evenly throughout your face and voila! The directions say to let it sit for 10 minutes and dab any excess cream off, but I honestly never need to do so.


The Jet Lag Mask is the perfect hydrating cream to use after exfoliating. It settles into your pores well (without clogging) and doesn't leave an unbearable shine. It is also perfect for everyday use for combo skin. It wasn't recommended, but I’ve been using the mask as a daily moisturizer and have been extremely happy with its result.

The Minor Detail: YOUR Skin changes with the seasons so expect for your SKINCARE regimen to change as WELL. However, I am confident that this duo can be used as a pick-me-up year round!